Our Residents

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Australia Computer Society

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the professional association for Australia’s tech sector, supporting ICT professionals at every stage of their career journey.


Cardihab is a digital health company that provides a digital health platform that enable clinicians and patients to leverage technology to improve outcomes in cardiovascular disease management and Cardiac rehabilitation. 


Castellan is a smart living system that helps residential communities work together and seamlessly share facilities.

Career Chats

Career Chats is on track to become the Netflix for career education. We are a video library of professionals sharing honest insights into their careers to help high school students decide what to do after graduation. 


Dashup is business management evolved, a tool empowering anyone to drag & drop a business workflow together on our friendly interface

Depot Buddy

At DepotBuddy, our goal is to empower ambitious small to medium-sized wholesalers and distributors to better manage their warehouse operations.


Develops and sells DNA-based healthcare solutions for improved Health and Wellbeing with a particular focus on Immunity, Longevity/Healthy Ageing and Cardiometabolic disorders, primarily through a growing practitioner network.


Frethan is a tool that helps businesses to select, manage international suppliers, and deliver quality products on time with Magic, artificial intelligence technology, as well as proven blockchain technology. 


Digital property logbooks for all your property data with maintenance and service history that transfers from initial builder to all future owners.

iT &Startup Lawyers 

IT and Startup Lawyers, Brisbane are dedicated to the tech start-up community and helping you develop your business.


Maxus AI

MaxusAI is enabling everyone to rapid-prototype Computer Vision projects with their images & videos using AI and Machine Learning. We’ve made it our mission to give our clients a great UI to access our powerful AI-assisted active learning engine.


Specialists in the construction, management and delivery of online learning platforms.


Medicly helps GP's write prescriptions their patient can access.


onroute is a travel app that allows travellers to record and share an entire travel journey. By piecing all the moments of your journey together, along your route, as you travel – all of a sudden, the experience you try so hard to explain, comes together in such a simple, visual and interactive way. 

Maxus AI

Specialists in the construction, management and delivery of online learning platforms.

Planet Price 

Planet Price is a “for influence” start-up with a mission to help large organisations reduce the impact of their supply chains on people and the planet.

Senza Carta

Senza Carta provides Onboarding and Employee Experience technology and services.  We help our clients to begin every employees’ journey with an experience that builds connection with people and culture, clarity and confidence to perform from day 1 and the desire to invest themselves in the Vision of the business.


SwapU is the easy app for people to trade what they own and get what they need.







Sizztech is an Australian consulting and technology firm that predicts the future of cities.






Spiique helps leadership teams unleash the full potential of their organisation.






Social Status

Social Status is a social media reporting tool serving over 8,000 agencies and brands globally.






TradeFinding improves the trades industry by arming tradespeople, trades business and their clients with the tools to market themselves and connect with each other, freely and fairly.


Wanngi is a health management app for people who see multiple doctors who currently feel vulnerable and out of control and helpless in managing their health.

World's Biggest Garage Sale

Brisbane based start-up/scale-up, designing solutions to commercialise the circular economy through the activation of dormant goods for good.


YouPay lets someone else pay for your eCommerce order, safely, securely & it's free.


Zijit is a Shazam type app used to identify and contact the people who created the advertising, marketing and the digital media content you see every day. With Zijit, your work ‘literally speaks for itself'.


Commute with others heading your way, save time, money and make a real difference in the fight against global warming. 

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