Welcome to River City Labs, the home for Tech Innovators and passionate Entrepreneurs.

We understand that every founder's journey is unique and are focused on driving innovation by providing resources to empowersupport and connect entrepreneurs to what they need to grow and go global.

River City Labs facilitate a diverse range of programs, events and engagement opportunities year round through our community of Entrepreneurs, Alumni's, Mentors, Industry, Government partners, experts locally and globally, to elevate the Australian tech ecosystem.  

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River City Labs forms part of the ACS (Australian Computer Society), a not-for-profit organisation focused on powering Australia's Technology brilliance. Together with River City Labs in Brisbane, you will also find us at other Australian innovation hot spots, such as Sydney at Harbour City Labs, Maroochydore Queensland at Ocean City Labs, or connect with us at our flagship events for Australia's Emerging Technology at Something Tech., and River Rival.

To further our reach and support of Australia's technology innovation, we provide access for Entrepreneurs and their communities to programs and resources coast to coast through ACS Labs. 

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The Labs provides a virtual platform to connect our community of Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Talent, Partners and Industry. 

"River City Labs is without a doubt the beating heart of Queensland's entrepreneurial community. With a number of our portfolio companies coming through RCL programs over the years - all of whom have benefited from the super supportive community and expertise on offer."

Shahirah Gardner, Venture Partner at Skalata Ventures

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