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Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently visited River City Labs to launch the Accelerator for Enterprising Women $60,000 Kickstarter Challenge. 

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SOCIAL MEDIA - Building Business

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River City Labs is an incubator for Queensland's tech start up ecosystem. We are focused on driving innovation by providing resources to empower, support and connect tech entrepreneurs, startup and scaleup businesses.

We facilitate a diverse range of programs, events and engagement opportunities through our community of Entrepreneurs, Alumnis, Mentors, Private and Government partnerships, our Investor and global network, to elevate the local Queensland ecosystem.  

Our objective is to provide the access required to support tech startups gain traction in international export markets, and develop their product offering to address big global challenges.  This means providing access to an unwavering, persistent and supportive River City Labs Community, and providing connections to talent, capital and customers.

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