An idea is great! But turning that idea into a Business is not for the faint hearted!

Activate: for early stage Technology Startups with an idea not yet in Market!

Activate will help you validate your idea, qualify there is a problem and a market who needs it! Then prepare next steps to turn that idea into a Startup! The Activate Program is a 6-week program, followed by 2 months access as an RCL member to work on your business and leverage the RCL member benefits. 

Early Stage Tech Startup Founders will have the opportunity to develop their idea by testing and qualifying the problem, solution and its market. As part of the Activate Program, Founders will receive expertise 1:1 support and advice from Mentors, Industry Experts; coupled with workshops to get the information that will help you progress.

By the end of the program, Founders will be prepared to Pitch their Idea and update on the results of their Startup Concept to a Trusted Panel of EIR’s, Industry and Investors.  This is where we encourage Founders to update if they will continue, pivot or go back into idea incubation.

Program commences in Q1 2023.

Having a product in Market is one thing, but gaining traction and Scaling is another!

Activate + : For Startups who have a technology product in market with some traction, but still need help with growth, scaling or getting ready to raise capital.

The Activate + Program is a 6-week program, followed by 2 months access as an RCL member to work on your business and leverage the RCL member benefits. 

Early Stage Tech Startup Founders will receive exclusive 1:1 Mentoring from an EIR and Guest Mentors specifically to target any gaps and strategies to activate your Go-to-Market. This will be complimented by expert workshops to enable information and tools to amplify product, sales, market and PR.  For the Companies looking to seek investment, the program will include information and tools for funding avenues via workshops with experts and experienced capital raising founders and network opportunities. 

At the end of the program, Founders will be prepared to Pitch their Startup to Investors via a Live Demo & Pitch event!


Program commences in Q1 2023.

  • New RCL Residents only
  • Must be a *Tech Startup (Tech Startup companies deliver new technology to the market; or disrupt and transform existing products of services with Technology.  Tech Startups have the high potential to grow across Markets).
  • Completed Applications, including information on your business.
  • Ability to attend a Panel Interview (Virtually or In Residence) where you will Pitch your Idea or Startup.
  • Payment for the Program is paid upfront or monthly direct debit.

Option for In residence or Digital participation

  • Pre-Accelerator Program for 6 Weeks (refer to each program for additional information)
  • RCL Member T-shirt (value $20.00)
  • All RCL Partner and Digital perks valued up to $280K [Link to Member benefits]
    For example. Discounts and credits Tech Subscriptions, Hosting Services with Tech Partners, CRMs and RCL other Programs and resources.
  • Access to RCL's Talent Landing Pad Pool of interns and tech professionals
  • Access to RCL's Mentor Database, where you can book meetings with industry professionals across many domains
  • Access to the CA In-Residence Program, offering members free chartered accountant advisory services
  • Invites to events, learning and networking sessions
  • Referrals into networks and business opportunities

Digital Membership Option:

  • Exclusive digital access to RCL community, digital perks, resources and events

In-Residence Membership Option:

  • 24-hour office location with tech businesses growing just like you
  • Access to meeting rooms, board room and private booths to meet your clients for the membership duration

Selection Process:

  • Online registration will close on 12 June at 11:59PM.
  • Applications will not be accepted after closing date.
  • All applications will be reviewed and select applicants will be invited to pitch their idea or Startup to a Private Panel.
  • Applicants can nominate which Pre-Accelerator they are applying for within application.
  • Successful applicants will be invited to the Pre-Accelerator Program they will benefit the most from.
  • Successful Applicants will be notified the week prior to the program start date
  • Unsuccessful applicants will be notified prior to the program starting.
  • Only 6-8 Startups will be selected per Program.

Founder Investment:

The pre-accelerator program will require your commitment to:

  • Digital Option:  Pre-Accelerator RCL Membership ($1,600+GST in total) or;
  • In-Residence Option: Pre-Accelerator + RCL Membership ($2,300+GST in total)
  • Guideline: Approximately 6 hours per week on average in first 6 weeks for Stand-ups, 1:1 and Workshops (not including time to progress offline)

Check out what previous participants are saying:

ACTIVATE/+ - Website Testimonials Reformatted

Does this program suit me?

If you have an idea or a Startup with a Product in market that needs to grow or seek investor readiness, then apply! 
Still not sure? Contact us at info@rivercitylabs.netThe Activate + Program is most suitable for serious Early-stage Tech Startup Founders with a product in market with some traction, but need help growing, scaling or seeking investment.

What is the difference between digital and in-residence membership options?

The main difference is that the In-Residence Membership allows you to have a seat in River City Labs and the community with access to meeting rooms, office amenities and receive all Resident benefits.

Do I have to pay up front for the program?

Membership can be paid in full before commencing the program or direct debited monthly.

Am I considered an early stage startup?

If you have an idea, or MVP, or Product in Market and need either review, guidance on the business model, go to market, Commercialisation or not getting enough traction and needs help – you can apply!