Brisbane startup Mathmate

Getting kids engaged in learning science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) subjects – and getting them to do well in these subjects – has never been more important as STEM skills become more important, however Australia is falling behind.

A Federal Government committee last year determined that Australia is currently heading along a “decay curve” in terms of STEM-capable students, with this in part due to the quality of STEM education in schools.

With teachers busier than ever inside the classroom and out, however, a growing number of edutech startups are working to help better support both teachers and students and their learning.

Founded by mechatronic engineering students Cal Acutt, Yuj Takahashi, and Lachy Fitzpatrick, Brisbane startup Math Mate is working to help all kids engage with and enjoy learning maths through the development of Do Math Good, an app that gamifies the learning process.

Why? Explained Fitzpatrick, “We believe in the power of maths to enable dreams and create secure jobs. Our vision is a world where all students can learn complex maths such as algebra and calculus irrespective of their situation.

“The problem is that there are so many variables in maths education that it is common for kids to be left behind or put into a negative mindset. To tackle this we create engaging digital learning experiences for students.”

The team began developing what Fitzpatrick called the “core maths engine” while they were at university, simply to help themselves and their friends do their assignments.

As they progressed with its development, they realised the engine – one of three similar maths engines in the world, according to Fitzpatrick – had potential to help other students.


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