Founder Stories - How the first month of an accelerator program is just like having your first baby!!

You may have read recently about the RCL Accelerator BNE4 program, where our World’s Biggest Garage Sale startup/scale-up was announced as one of the teams in the BNE4 cohort.

We’re now 1 month in and I find myself likening the experience to be exactly like the first month of being a new mother. Let me explain…..

Giving Birth

All new mothers have a ‘birth story’ to share. Mine is fairly short and simple. I was ‘booked in’ to have a caesarian on 15/06/06 and had planned to work right up to the day. Our little one inside had other ideas!! While at a conference at the Brisbane Hilton just 8 days prior, I had a little cramping and it was recommended I head over to the hospital as a precaution…..only to find out that I was 6cm dilated. Before I knew it, I was taken to theatre and in less than an hour, our first Little Miss was born via C-Section.

Ironically, the timing of considering an accelerator happened over a period of 9 months and the ‘birth’ of the World’s Biggest Garage Sale entering the RCL Accelerator #BNE4 program happened much like my daughter arriving a little unexpectedly. Every month we got a little bigger and bigger, before eventually getting to the point where we needed to get uncomfortable and ‘give birth’ in order for our startup to scale-up and grow. The initial RCL Accelerator Bootcamp was just like being in theatre, with a whole group of people poking, prodding, asking questions and trying to make me comfortable (and some not so comfortable) in a first time experience. After being operated on by a team of highly trained professionals with precision, the birth of our entry into the RCL Accelerator #BNE4 program happened. Just like that, we were new ‘parents’ to a scale-up.

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