RCL Accelerator Team Kapiche on How we 3x our customers in 4 months

How we 3x our customers in 4 months of the RCL Accelerator.

For those not already aware, Kapiche are proud participants in the current (and 3rd) cohort of the RCL Accelerator (powered by muru-D). We joined the program with a team, a product, and paying customers. But we knew we were lacking a lot of knowledge and experience in sales, marketing, and commercialisation. And we thought the RCL Accelerator could help us with that.


Luckily, our hunch was correct. In the first four months of the program, we have tripled our count of paying customers, attracting companies like Qantas, PWC, Neiman Marcus, and Crown Casinos. It’s something we are super proud of. How did we do it? It’s a complicated story with plenty of nuances but there were three high-level activities that we attribute the growth to.


We Picked A Niche.

By the end of our second conversation with one of the program EIRs, Mike Knapp, we’d already been given firm directions to read Crossing the Chasm. And as we did, on came the light bulb. We were a B2B SaaS company that believed we could solve any problem that involved text data (at our core, we are an AI text analytics company). As we later learned, this is a mistake that teams with a heavy engineering background were particularly prone to make. Lesson learned.

Picking a niche turned out to be a surprisingly simple task. We reached out and spoke to our existing customer base. We spoke to them a lot. And what we really wanted to know was “why are you using Kapiche?”, which sounds really bad to say out loud, but it’s true. We had a list of 15 (!!!) use cases we had identified prior to having these conversations, and we hope to revisit some of them at a later point in time. But for the immediate future, it was clear that customer satisfaction, customer experience, and voice of the customer was the niche we needed to focus on.


Kapiche is part of Rcl Accelerator cohort Bne3.  Read the original and complete story at : RCL - Accelerator Blog