River City Labs welcomes first five sponsored Startups

20 September 2014

River City Labs will welcome five new Startups taking up full time residency this coming week as part of the first intake of sponsored entrepreneurs.  It is the first week of the Sponsored Entrepreneur Program kicking off on Monday September 22nd with inductions and a welcome lunch followed by a full working week which is all part of the program developed by River City Labs, in partnership with Bank of Queensland.

The 3 month program offers sponsored full time membership within the coworking facility and includes a personalised mentoring program for each Startup depending on their individual business needs plus a suite of services including legal workshops, accounting advice, access to marketing and PR professionals as well as valuable business development and pitch coaching.

Congratulations goes to the following five Startups which were selected from a large group of applicants and will be included in the first intake of the program.

Each of the entrepreneurs associated with these Startups bring a unique product/service to the Labs:

Playdate Australia

Playdate Australia founded by Anthony and Pinar Parry aims to provide Australian mums with an easy way to 'enhance your social life in the real world'. It is an online service that helps mums to; connect to like minded others, stay in the loop, help your child make new friends, meet other mums to be, find a recommended GP or Dentist and much more.

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The Roundabout

The Roundabout co-founded  by Amanda Reed is an  online market place specifically designed for buying and selling pre-loved mobility and disability equipment. Amanda is a current casual resident of River City Labs and a strong advocate for social enterprise, she is  looking forward to be able to work on her startup full time as part of this program.

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Trackn is a unique product for music lovers that provides 'a playlist we can all agree on'. Trackn provides users with a way to 'fine-tune' the music selection for any group of people. The product can be provided through the website and a mobile application. The Trackn team is the largest with four founders David Johnson, Rowan Grant, Sam Bleakly and Sam Horne.  David Johnson will take the full time residency on behalf of the team.

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Two Hoots

Two Hoots is lead by founder Jo Ucukalo  the CEO of Handle My Complaint a service that allows your complaints to be handled by experts. Two Hoots is a by-product of Handle My Complaint currently in development, it is an  app and platform for organisations. Two hoots is a tool specifically designed to get the right info out of complaining customers and into organisations desperate to reign in today‚Äôs complaint chaos.  Jo is a current casual member of River City Labs and welcomes the opportunity to work on this new project full time with the help and guidance of the mentors and some key strategic partners.

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VattleMe is a video battling platform where individual's uploads are pitted against each other. Public vote determines the winners who go on to earn fame and recognition. VattleMe is dedicated to providing a fun and challenging experience for users. The two founders Aaron Lefkowitz and Pat O'Brien aim to create a platform where people can showcase their talents and become recognised for their incredible feats. Pat will take up the full time residency while Aaron remains in Canada.

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