RiverPitch finalist scrunch.co heads to SydStart with People’s Choice prize for best pitch

25 June 2014


River City Labs hosted their  5th RiverPitch event last night in the 150 year old wine cellar below the iconic  1889 Enoteca Italian restaurant in Woolloongabba.

RiverPitch is an invite only event bringing together investment-ready ideas (and teams) with actual investors in order to help get the ideas funded.

The application process to be selected to pitch at the investment dinner on June 24, involved an initial 90 second video pitch which was evaluated by a panel of judges.

From 35 online applications, 10 Startups were selected to present a 5 minute audition pitch to a panel of judges on June 13th. From 10, the following 6 progressed to the next round enabling them to  pitch at RiverPitch last night:

Although RiverPitch is positioned as an informal opportunity for investors to meet and build relationships with entrepreneurs who are pitching their Startups and not a competition, there is one prize awarded.

The ‘People’s Choice’ prize is awarded to the best pitch on the night. The guests vote purely on entertainment value, rewarding the entrepreneur who delivered a confident, well-articulated and engaging pitch.  The vote has nothing to do with the business opportunity, business model or investability of the Startup .

The People’s Choice prize for RiverPitch #5 went to scrunch.co founder Danielle Lewis. The prize was a ticket to SydStart’s full day conference on September  2nd this year.

RiverPitch organiser Peta Ellis said;

“RiverPitch is the place where the conversations start. We have had some great results from previous RiverPitch Startups raising capital. No offers or deals are executed on the night however it is certainly a catalyst for future engagement between the entrepreneur and the interested investor. ”

“The quality if pitches we saw at RiverPitch #5 was high. The ideas were well developed and the entrepreneurs articulated their business opportunity very well. ”

The Startups had 15 minutes in total to pitch; with 5 minutes structured pitch and 10 minutes of Q&A. In reality, the pitch started the moment they entered the room at 6pm and ended when they left around 11pm.  For all Startups who did not make the cut this time, applications will open soon for the next event with the date yet to be announced, keep an eye on  www.riverpitch.com   for updates.



About River Pitch

RiverPitch is a Brisbane community of investors formed to help the early stage and startup sector access funding. We see ourselves as filling a need not current served by Angel investment and Venture Capital. Our goal is to bring a different approach to capital funding in Brisbane. By bringing together pre-screened investors and pre-screened entrepreneurs in a social environment where ideas can be pitched we offer an alternate way to access funding.

About River City Labs

River City Labs is Brisbane’s premier coworking community and central clubhouse for tech Startups.

Current membership sits at over 100 members ranging from early stage startups and founders to established startups and entrepreneurs who have successfully raised capital in the last 18 months.

River City Labs is a nationally recognised brand in the Startup sector within Australia. The organisation is a proven leader in this field and has a strong reputation for continuously driving the digital startup economy forward.

River City Labs focuses on providing the right environment for entrepreneurs to make valuable contacts while learning from peers, mentors and industry experts helping them to connect, work and grow. 

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