The Startup turning the tide with predictive flooding technology

CEO and co-founder, Juliette Murphy, discusses how FloodMapp has developed rapid predictive flood modelling technology to provide businesses with more time and location-specific information to prevent flood damage. The solution reads in real-time weather and river height data and leverages cutting-edge technology (including big data and analytics, and machine learning) to produce predictive mapping.

What is your favourite thing about Brisbane City?

It’s hard to pick one thing! I love going for a run along the river pathways – particularly at sunset. It really hits home how beautiful the city is.

I also love the sense of community here. Brisbane is a city that often feels more like a town. The startup community here is particularly close-knit and we’re so lucky for it!

What inspired you to start your business?

In 2011, I was living in Brisbane when Cyclone Yasi hit. The catastrophic flooding submerged my friend’s house with the floodwaters going over the roof. She lost almost everything she owned. When it was safer, we spent hours cleaning up and trying to salvage her family photos. It really impacted me. After that, I moved to Calgary, Canada, which suffered from devastating flooding in 2013. Over 75,000 people were evacuated with little warning. I took in five friends who had nowhere to go as they had lost their homes from the flood.


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