RCL Accelerator Alumni

Repeatable Traction, Market Penetration, Right Connections.

BNE#4 (2018)

World's Biggest Garage Sale

WBGS is a digital platform enabling communities globally to hold large scale re-commerce events. By activating dormant goods for good through the circular economy, we provide positive impact for people, for planet, for purpose.


FloodMapp is an intelligent flood alert solution which provides users with more warning time and personalised messaging, allowing them to protect their safety, save valuables and minimise flood damage. FloodMapp helps insurers reduce their flood-related losses, whilst improving safety and resilience for policy holders

Monarc Global

Monarc Global is an online booking interface for private aircraft charter.





Conpago provides a digital solution for aged care providers to better connect with their clientele, and provides a platform for home care and village residents to interact with one another while creating transparency to the family and friends of people receiving care.


Orbmaps translates complex constraint data into an easy to digest ‘risk heatmap’ to visualise where development opportunities are possible.


Icosian is a business in a box that streamlines workforce and appointment management processes in the aged care and disability sectors.


Edoome is a social-learning platform that provides tools for effective communication and collaboration between teachers and students and tools to help teachers save time in planning, assessing and measuring students’ progress.


Flightsuit is the easiest way to manage business travel. Our platform empowers staff to quickly book and manage upcoming work trips while helping companies understand and optimise their travel spend.

BNE#3 (2017)


Some of the best companies (CUA and Nissan) use Kapiche when it comes to data analysis from unstructured data. Drawing information from online reviews and social media, into a readily understood format.


A collaborative end-to-end bid management platform that helps companies plan, manage, track and report on their tender and bid activity to improve compliance, quality and contract win rates.


With an increasing dropout rate in university students, Vygo connects students with peers who have ‘been there, and done that’ when it comes to understanding the course structure, subjects and assignments.


Solving the time consuming dilemmas of fitting tyres, Tyrestock offers tyre fitters a purchasing system to gather the stock of multiple suppliers with the assurance of buying at the right price.


A shared parenting solution app like no other, Divvito allows the transitioning of separation and divorce to take place in a manageable process. The app allows parents to keep track of shared expenses and school events. Divvito is ‘here to take the messy out of moving on’


Engaging students with complex maths is more important now than ever before with the trend into a STEM driven future. Math Mate develops innovative math interfaces to create this engagement.


Designed to enhance and assist in the rehabilitation for the hearing impaired. Hearoes allows its user’s to rehabilitate through interactive auditory training.


Solving the communication hassle between auto vehicle owners and their mechanics, Carisma is a tool designed to build your car’s visual service history. You’ll see where your dollars are going through a visual log of the repair or service appointment.


In a world where the RPAS industry can be complicated, Flyfreely is designed to streamline the end to end risk management for your entire drone operation. Delivering on-demand insurance and risk mitigation strategies using a web portal and an app.

BNE#2 (2016)

Inco Docs

Faster, Smarter Global Trade Documentation. IncoDocs is secure export documentation software, built for modern small and medium business.

Maxwell Plus

A preventative health subscription service that combines the power of MRI and Artificial Intelligence to assist in the early detection of prostate cancer.


SiteSee’s web accessible software as a service (SaaS) enables clients to remotely visualise and analyse their critical infrastructure within an interactive real-world environment to make informed decisions, reduce costs and improve safety without ever leaving their office.


A talent acquisition platform where employers and recruiters collaborate to reduce the time and costs required to hire specialist and technical candidates.

2nd Lease

2ndLease is a rental marketplace that enables individuals or businesses to rent appliances and other household goods to each other. Our vision is to create a community-based alternative to the existing household rental/purchase options, in the process reducing our landfill burden and providing a cost effective alternative for those in need.


A cloud-based subscription software system and marketplace built for the worldwide SME hire and rental industry that integrates with SME accounting systems.

BNE#1 (2015)


Puntaa is a peer to peer, social betting app that allows users to be on custom wagers with their friends, share bets socially and transfer the winnings seamlessly. All on their mobiles.


Green Socks makes lawn mowing easy. We help people who need their lawns mowed by sending their mowing job to businesses who would like to mow more lawns. It's a click and forget solution. You book the mowing job and we make sure the job gets done.

Process PA

Process PA is cloud-based software that automates association procedures and paperwork, saving committee members from administration time. New office bearers are guided through their role and compliance requirements through simple yet effective handovers, ensuring committee processes are maintained.


Travello is on the world's largest travel social networks with a community of travelling enthusiasts from 180+ countries. It connects you with fellow travellers, solo backpacking enthusiasts, digital nomads and even groups of friends & families to make you travel experience memorable.