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Australia Computer Society

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the professional association for Australia’s tech sector, supporting ICT professionals at every stage of their career journey.






Bridj Technology

We think that bus transport should be easier to catch and deliver. That’s why we’ve built demand responsive transport technology that allows customers to catch a bus at the push of a button. Using our technology, transport operators can more easily design, optimise, manage and deliver their services. The result…more cost efficient, sustainable and convenient transport that everyone can feel good about.


Castellan is a smart living system that helps residential communities work together and seamlessly share facilities.








Cardihab is a digital health company that provides a digital health platform that enable clinicians and patients to leverage technology to improve outcomes in cardiovascular disease management and Cardiac rehabilitation. 





At Enfonica, we sincerely believe that good communication can make the world a better place. This is the driving force behind our core goal - to make every customer interaction great.







Erni is an instant booking website for people and their services.  If you have a unique skill or talent and some spare time during the week, you can upload your profile, set your availability, hourly or fixed rate for your service and then hit Launch.  People will search for your service, find you and book you instantly.  No need for quoting or chasing quotes.  Just sit back and let work come to you.  It’s that easy. 


Granular levels of accuracy, visibility and control of all your outside plant assets.

Without guesswork or estimation.

Move away from spreadsheets, unwieldy network diagrams and collections of photos to one smart centralised system giving you instant visibility across your entire network.




Develops and sells DNA-based healthcare solutions for improved Health and Wellbeing with a particular focus on Immunity, Longevity/Healthy Ageing and Cardiometabolic disorders, primarily through a growing practitioner network.






iT &Startup Lawyers 

IT and Startup Lawyers, Brisbane are dedicated to the tech start-up community and helping you develop your business.






Lyve is like the clubhouse of short-form video. Users are able to join topics and interact with people from around the globe and watch together. 





Maxus AI

MaxusAI is enabling everyone to rapid-prototype Computer Vision projects with their images & videos using AI and Machine Learning. We’ve made it our mission to give our clients a great UI to access our powerful AI-assisted active learning engine.


Social Status

Social Status is a social media reporting tool serving over 8,000 agencies and brands globally.







Smart rental businesses use Viberent to manage their entire rental operations without the price tag of traditional software.






Wanngi is a health management app for people who see multiple doctors who currently feel vulnerable and out of control and helpless in managing their health.





Commute with others heading your way, save time, money and make a real difference in the fight against global warming. 





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